RIT Dubai celebrates ”One Spirit” Festival with Rochester, Dubrovnik, Kosovo and Zagreb!

RIT’s communities in Dubai, Rochester Dubrovnik, Kosovo and Zagreb united for simultaneous celebrations of culture on Saturday, Feb. 20, collectively known as One SpiRIT: Global Unification. During One SpiRIT, attendees were able to interact with others across the world and see performances from each of the five campuses during a friendly global competition.

Here in Dubai the festivities took place on the RIT Dubai Tennis court where we set up a traditional American Fun Fair for students. Student were treated with live performances, food & games. The event was attended by more then 300 students, faculty and staff and was certainly one of the biggest student events

The first One SpiRIT event in 2014 highlighted Rochester’s favorite campus pastime, hockey, but now the emphasis will be on each campus and what makes us great.


“The impetus was that RIT’s presence, in name and in pride, is much more global now and we want students to know they’re a part of something larger,” says Dr. Karey Pine, Senior Director of the Center for Campus Life and one of the festival’s organizers at Rochester. One student group from each campus has been selected to perform in the global talent show, representing their campus culture for all to see. The performances are composed entirely by students, who will sing, dance or some of both. Pine says, “Some have done entire music videos to celebrate their culture and their pride as an RIT student.” RIT Dubai’s entry was a mix of songs in different languages to represent our cultural diversity here in the UAE. Using Cisco technology, all five RIT campuses interacted in real-time.

One SpiRIT is all about culture and a little bit of competition this time around. While Zagreb’s great performance was chosen as the winning entry this year, RIT Dubai is ready for another competition next year.

All staff and student organizers have put a great deal of effort into not only planning this event, but securing our connections with the other campuses through technology.