RIT Dubai Parent's Day

RIT Dubai was pleased to welcome about 80 attendees to this year’s Parents Day at the RIT Dubai campus. 

Topics of conversation included “Enabling your Children as Academic Decision Makers” and “The Importance of Accreditation”. There was also a panel discussion with members of our current Faculty who were pleased to answer questions from the students and their parents about the programs offered by RIT Dubai. 

The students were especially interested to learn about RIT Dubai’s innovative Co-op program. The campus has a long tradition of offering Cooperative education (co-op) which is the most extensive and intensive of RIT Dubai’s experiential education opportunities. Co-op is full-time, paid work experience directly related to your course of study and career interests. This is especially beneficial in today’s competitive job market and gives RIT Dubai graduates a real advantages over others. 

Current RIT Dubai students gave a firsthand account of their daily lives at RIT Dubai and many expressed that RIT Dubai is one of the only Universities in the UAE to offer an American Degree that is also accredited locally. RIT Dubai is also are proud to offer our students study abroad opportunities and individual and personal support on their journey to becoming innovative engineering or business professionals.