Step Forward Leadership Retreat

Course starts online: April 1, 2015. In-class meeting: April 21-22 and private coaching appointments on April 23 (upon request)

Step forward Leadership is a coaching and development program created specifically for high-potential women leaders The program leverages multiple formats—leadership self- and multi-rater assessments, individual coaching, personal development planning, ongoing network support, and more—to transform developing leaders. A cornerstone of the experience is the Step Forward Leadership retreat, which encompasses peer coaching, personal reflection and learning, experiential skill building, small group activities.

Program Focus - Personal leadership transformation begins with a look at each leader’s unique abilities and definition for success. Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In explores women’s leadership challenges, attitudes, and competencies that provide a foundation for stepping forward. Learning modules used in the Step Forward Leadership program will incorporate many of these factors. Coaching will support the ap-plication of the learning and build each leader’s capacity to not just LEAN IN but also STEP FORWARD. Leaders will leverage their talents and develop skills to improve performance in the following areas: Self-advocacy, Courageous Leadership, Negotiation, Versatility, Resiliency, and Authentic Communication.

STEPPING FORWARD will result in:

  • Improved confidence and courage to make decisions and overcome leadership challenges 
  • A mental framework for avoiding leadership “derailers” 
  • The use of validated leadership best practices to improve performance 
  • Stronger relationships and engaged followers 
  • A personal network of high potential women leaders to support ongoing growth 
  • Higher levels of personal and career success that align with individual leadership passions 

Step Forward Leadership Coach

Molly McGowan - Leadership Educator, Consultant & CoachMolly McGowan currently serves as the Director for the RIT Leadership Institute and Community Service Center. Molly has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from SUNY Geneseo and worked in the field of politics for three years before deciding to start a career in higher education. Some of her more recent accomplishments include the development of The Women’s Leadership Conference and Certificate Program at RIT, the Emerging Leaders Program for faculty and staff at RIT, the Connectology Leadership Conference, and the creation of six unique leadership certificate programs and four distinct leadership development courses. She has delivered training and coaching for several organizations regionally and internationally, teaching leadership programs for: The Ministry of Public Works in Dubai, Partners + Napier, The New York Wine and Culinary Center, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (a Johnson & Johnson Company), and the RIT Executive MBA Program. She has also presented several times at the International Leadership Association Annual conference, as well as the 2013 inaugural ILA International Women’s Leadership Conference


 Step Forward Leadership: Retreat Syllabus


Learning & Development Focus


Step Forward Leadership Model

An overview of the SFL model and related research on women leadership will establish a foundation forall leaders in the retreat.

Personal Leadership Vision

Building on the pre-retreat feedback and coaching process, leaders will develop a personal leadership vision to guide their development.

Women in Leadership: Defining Success

Leaders will create a personal success statement, building clarity and comfort with their own leadership
 desires and direction.

Stepping Forward Guilt Free with Emotional Intelligence

 Emotions drive leadership effectiveness and ineffectiveness. Leaders will identify and manage Emotional
Intelligence strengths and “derailers.”

Shifting Personal Paradigms

Internal guidance systems and external forces impact leadership willingness and effectiveness. Leaders
 will create new paradigms to support their success.

Guest Speaker: Leadership Lessons

Participants will hear from a successful leader, who will explain how she has Stepped Forward.
 Participants will share experiences and leverage the leadership lessons presented.

Step Forward Leadership 360° Survey

Leaders will receive their 360° survey results, process scoring, and identify target development focus

Personal/Team Debrief & Coaching

Coaches will work individually and in PeerCoaching teams to interpret feedback results and begin to apply learning.

Leadership Practice: Stepping
 Forward – Self-advocacy

Leaders will explore the importance of advocacy and build skills to be able to advocate for themselves as well as their teams.

PeerCoaching: Feedforward

Leaders will select focus areas for development and receive “feedforward” from PeerCoaches to identify  implementation strategies.

Leadership Journaling Reflection:
Stepping Forward

 Reflection journaling allows leaders to capitalize on their experience and learning from each day, noting
 personal development/thoughts, identifying ways to integrate their learning, receive PeerCoaching, and  supplement their Step Forward action plan.

Holistic Leadership

Leaders will have an opportunity to reflect on personal leadership and their own spirituality as it relates  to their success.

Leadership Practice: Stepping Forward – Courage

 Confidence is a foundation for effective leadership. Leaders will identify fears and use strategies to build personal leadership courage.

Leadership Practice: Stepping Forward – Power

Power is not a “bad” thing. Personal power is influenced by life experiences. Leaders will explore their past, present, and future experiences as they relate to building and leveraging their own power.

Leadership Practice: Stepping Forward – Resiliency

The ability to “bounce back” or, even better, “bounce forward” in the face of adversity is critical to leadership success. Leaders will identify competencies and practices to build personal resiliency.

Leadership Practice: Stepping Forward – Negotiation

Leaders must be both able and willing to negotiate. Participants will build negotiation skills and apply them to problem solving and decision making.

Leadership Practice: Envision the Future

 Leaders will create clear visions for their future and practice skills to ensure success.

Leadership Team Building

Step Forward participants will enjoy a casual wine and dine experience and opportunity to network.

Individual Coaching Check-ins: Put-it-2Work

Coaches will be available to leaders for one-to-one follow-up on each day’s learning applications.

Leadership Practice: Inspire Action

 Leaders will use best practices to set expectations, challenge personal paradigms, and facilitate coaching  discussions with others.

Leadership Practice: Engage Others

Leaders will learn about engagement strategies, tapping intrinsic motivation of team members, and the power of recognition to drive team, project, and organizational success.

Personal Leadership Development Action Plan

Leaders will finalize their development action plans and receive “feedforward” from PeerCoaches.

Stepping Forward: The Journey Continues

Leaders will schedule coaching sessions with their coaches to support the implementation of their personal leadership development plans and application of their learning. Ongoing SFL resources will be
 reviewed including the SFL LinkedIn Network, blog, and Continuous Learning Series.




























































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