Thermodynamics students put theory into practice with trip to DEWA power station

Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering students from Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai (RIT Dubai) witnessed what they had learnt in lectures come alive during a visit to the UAE’s largest power and desalination plant.

The students, who are currently studying the program’s Thermodynamics III module, had the opportunity to put theory into practice at DEWA’s Jebel Ali site thanks to the trip which was organized by Dr. Mohamed A. Samaha, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

DEWA engineers Gaber and Hassan gave the students an informative tour of the plant, which included a lecture about the station’s activities, a behind-the-scenes look at one of the gas turbines and steam turbine stations that are used to produce electricity, and a visit to one of the desalination stations where the students saw first-hand how sea water is turned into drinking water and learnt how the desalination cogeneration procedure is connected to the process of producing electricity.

Commenting on the trip, Dr. Samaha said: “We were fortunate that we were able to see areas of the plant which were under maintenance, giving students a chance to see elements of the station extremely close up. The engineers from DEWA were very generous with their time, giving the undergraduates the opportunity to see the processes, stations and machines that they’ve studied in the classroom working in practice on a huge industrial scale. This will help to solidify the information from the module in their minds and aid their experiences of industry, which of course will be extremely helpful upon graduation.”