RIT Dubai enters into partnership with Software AG

RIT Dubai has recently joined forces with Software AG, a global leader in enterprise architecture, IT planning, business process management, integration and big data, under a University Relations Program that aims to offer a myriad of skills and development opportunities to RIT Dubai students and faculty.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Rami Kichli, Vice President, Software AG – Gulf & Levant region, and University President Dr Yousef Al Assaf, students will be able to access knowledge sharing and cooperative education opportunities with Software AG , under RIT Dubai’s unique cooperative internship education program. This is a key cornerstone of education at RIT Dubai which is especially beneficial for graduates.

Additionally, the agreement will pave the way further interactions between RIT Dubai and Software AG’s renowned experts during major events such as CeBIT, Innovation Days, and User Groups. Besides gaining a glimpse of game-changing market trends and developments, the exchange will offer an ideal foundation for the students’ future academic research projects and give Software AG access to student and faculty research.

The MoU will also lead to the founding of in-depth training programs, free student certifications and fostering strategic partnerships promoting innovative ideas, research, seeding, and startups. Students will benefit from guest speakers discussing hot business topics such as big data, streaming analytics, the Internet of Things, business process transformation, and integration.

Aside from diverse events, RIT Dubai students and faculty will also get a chance to have access to free software in an effort to build an academic user group. The software contains e-learning, video tutorials and other training materials to create self-explanatory and easy-to-use packages.

Commenting on the MoU, Kichli said, “Education is the foundation of business innovation. We have designed our University Relations Program around this belief, while highlighting the importance of cooperation among the private sector, academia, and the entire education industry to help build the country’s business leaders and innovators of tomorrow. We are privileged to be partnering with RIT Dubai in our bid to equip students with in-demand skills and expose them to the real world before they even leave the university to help them succeed in this age of digital evolution.”

“Through Software AG’s University Program, the company is able to demonstrate its unwavering support for innovative ideas. Students can share an innovative idea and Software AG is always eager to support and fund projects that generate win-win situations. With our newest cooperation with RIT Dubai, we look forward to hearing creative and unique thoughts that will help propel local society and the entire country forward.”

University President Dr Yousef Al Assaf added: “At RIT Dubai we strive to lead higher education in the region throughin preparing students for successful careers in a global society. Ensuring opportunities organizations such as Software AG, helps engage and further motivate our students through stimulating and collaborative experiences. Software AG will help us provide technology-based educational programs designed to develop student’s personal and professional development.”