Student Services

What can the Student Services Office (SSO) help you with?

  • Student Visas: International students can be sponsored by RIT Dubai for a student visa. Contact Ms. Shashini.
  • Student ID Cards: You will receive your student ID card from the SSO. Contact Mr. Ikenna.
  • Medical Insurance: Any RIT Dubai student can sign up for health insurance through the University. Students living at Etisalat Academy and/or those on RIT Dubai visa will be automatically enrolled for Medical Insurance and the fee will show up on your tuition statement. To avoid being charged extra, you must submit a copy of your existing medical insurance card to Ms. Shashini.

    No Objection Certificates (NOC): The SSO provides RIT Dubai students with NOC for bank accounts, driver's license, NOL cards and other non-academic official letters. Contact Ms. Shashini for more information.

  • Student Event planning: The SSO assists all students in planning events according to the guidelines that have been set by the university. Student Services also assist students in participating in educational forums, sports events and other competitions. Contact Mr. Ikenna for more information.

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