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The Student Services Office oversees student clubs activities.
RIT Dubai’s Clubs and Organizations 







 Vice President



Music Club

Mashal Waqar

Rohan Verghis


The Music Club has no specific genre of music; its talent is so carried scope large enough for almost any musician to find their niche. There are presently many independent music groups within the club, the rock band being most well established. All genres of music and instruments are welcomed’; the club also has a few country/acoustic/blues enthusiasts. The club hosts bi-yearly concerts on campus; however more frequent shows are possible if requested. There are weekly meeting and jam sessions during which all members perform together (or in groups) in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a university-provided club space, sound system and acoustic drum set. The club space is open at all times for music club members to practice. Member’s instruments can also be stored in the club room. Prior knowledge of music is not required to be a member, the club supports students who are interested and want to learn from scratch.


Humanitarian        Club                      

Amina Ringim



      The Humanitarian Club is dedicated to providing members a way to be involved with the society. Being a humanitarian is having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people. Hopefully, we would try our best to make a difference in our society with the help of our fellow students. Our mission is to give students more insight on issues that affect the society and to find ways to make it better. It is also our goal to see students learn from their experiences and use it to make themselves better citizens where ever they might be. In the near future we plan on setting work shops where students visit facilities to see how things get done. Fundraisers, clean up drives, marathons, walkathons and plenty more that has to deal with being supportive to which ever cause might be of interest to our members.



Palestinian Cultural Club

Ali Al Sheikh

Elías G Deek


The Palestinian Cultural Club was created in 2012 whose goal is to represent the Palestinian community at R.I.T .Our main aim is to preserve the Palestinian history, heritage and revive the culture. We also aim to communicate with the different Palestinian organizations and figures inside and outside UAE and to connect the Palestinian community in the UAE to the Palestinian community in the Palestinian territories.


South Asian Student Association


Sadiya Siddique


The South Asian Student Association is a non-profit cultural organization, in which represents the Alliance of Students from the Indian Subcontinent (South East Asian countries). As an organization, we realize that our strength is not in division by nationality, but by bringing about unity in diversity. The countries represented are India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka. We hope to inspire a sense of togetherness in all people from the sub-continent and to educate others about our culture as well from the events we organize.


Arab Orients Club

Doaa Al-Jubr

Sami Jouaneh

  Arab Orients Club is a cultural club at RIT Dubai that promotes the Arabic culture and contributes towards a modern Arab identity.

People of all nationalities are welcome to join the club, our goal is to spread the Arab's Culture & the Arabic Traditions and lifestyle through fun and educational events. Our mission is to represent and reflect on the culture & traditions of the Arabs through various cultural events, and fun activities. Why should you join Arab Orients Club? Meet and become friends with students of different nationalities and culture. All our members and officers have deeply rooted passion of showing their Arabic culture and tradition. An ability to make an immediate impact. As a relatively new established club undertaking many endeavors, we are always looking for help in accomplishing our goals. Access to leadership opportunities. No experience is required to run for a board position. But you should show leadership skills and seriousness to carry such responsibility.


Electronics Club - on CO-OP

Mohamed Akram

Abdul Qadir

  The RIT Dubai Electronics Club aims to provide the students of RIT with a platform to work on different types of electronics projects. They can use what they learn to compete in different Engineering competitions and apply their theoretical knowledge to the practical world. The primary goal of the club is to enable students to practice and enjoy electronics while simultaneously learning new concepts and improving their existing ones. Our focus is hands-on, practical work in the lab through creative projects and collaboration. We also support the practical work with suitable theory so that student members have a better grasp and understanding of both the projects they work on and electronics in general.

The Gaming Club

Jack Jabra

Koshal Makhija


The RIT gaming club aims to just relieve people from their stressful everyday life by introducing some games to the members, and allowing them to escape from their daily routine. In the gaming club we hope to show people that games aren’t always a waste of time. You can learn and play at the same time, some games have been proven to increase the sharpness of people’s minds and their abilities to think and understand situations. Here we hope to introduce people to such type of games, that they can enjoy and at the same time subliminally are benefitting themselves. Another one of our aims is to bring people together. In our competitions we blind pick teams, people get to know each other, and when they play together they bond together, and that’s what we are hoping to achieve from most of our events. With all these aims listed, TGC is the gateway for students to escape their tedious and stressful university lives.


Media Club

Muhammad Sa'ad



Film Club

Zain Khan

Osama Mutassem


Dance Club

Nicole Gurgel

Hazel Gamboa (ON COOP)

  Drama Club        

The RIT Dubai Drama Club aims to provide students of RIT with the chance to broaden their background in acting and filming/directing. Students, who show keen interest in acting, can use the skills they’ve learned later on in the future if they ever choose to take on acting as a profession. The plan is to allow students to take turns acting, filming, and directing, in order to create short films that will be produced once each semester. Each film will differ in genre, to ensure that the students along with the audience stay entertained.