Student Government

Student Government


The Student Government represents the entire student body and liaises between the students and the University management.

President: Mr. Rabeet Khan (BS Mechanical Engineering)

Vice-President: Ms. YaraHattab   (BS International Business)

The RIT-D Student Government is a recognized student-run organization that serves as a medium between the student body, to faculty and administration of RIT, board of trustees and the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. 

Student Government consists of the Executive Board, the Class Representatives, the Officers, Media Committee and Events Committee. As this is the first Student Government at RIT Dubai, we plan on adding more posts as we grow. 

Our vision is to create a globalized student experience on campus, where each student can contribute to the university or wider Dubai community as a whole. We plan on doing this, through events, tackling and addressing student concerns, and establishing a network with other universities and organizations in the region to enrich student opportunities and growth.



   Rabeet Khan – President 

Helooo! Rabeet Khan here, your Student Government President.  As the very first members of RIT Dubai SG members, our aim is to establish a solid foundation for the years to come, whilst doing our best to give you the university life that you want.

In order for this dynamic to work, we need you to let us know what works so that we can make it happen with our fantastic SG team! The easiest way to get hold of me is grabbing me in the corridor or you could always email me if you're feeling more civil!


   YaraHattab – Vice President

Hey! I’m Yara, and I am your Vice President for the year of 2013 to 2014. It’s exciting to know that we are molding the foundations of student life here at RIT Dubai together, so on that note, always voice your opinion to us because we want to listen. Keep on asking yourself, how can I contribute to the RIT community? At the end of the year, we hope you can easily answer that question. If you need to reach me, or just want to talk, best way to contact me is through e-mail. 


   Fayez Baweb – Secretary and Treasurer

Hi my name is Fayez Bawab, I am the treasurer and secretary. As a treasurer I am responsible of effectively managing funds and allocating them to the right areas to have thoroughly planned out initiatives and events. As a secretary, I bring about transparency to the student body and ensure that the student government operates as fluidly as possible.


   Events Committee: 

Muhammad Asim Kidwai - Events Coordinator 


Tarun Yenna - Events Coordinator 

Osama Mutassem – Events Coordinator

Class Representatives: 


   Nija Arora – Senior Representative

Hello! I am Nija Arora and I am the Student Representative for the Senior Class. I'm here to ensure that your voice is heard, that the Student Government caters to your needs and that you make the best of your final year at university. You can reach me over e-mail and Whatsapp. Summoning me via the Dark Mark of Voldemort might just work too 


   Mechelle Jackweriyma – Junior Representative

Hello Everyone! I am Joanna and/or Michelle Jayawickrema and I'm your junior Representative this year. Keep me posted on any questions, concerns or ideas you have for RIT and I will make sure they are heard.


   Omar Adel – Sophomore Representative 

Hello, My name is Omar Mohamed, all of you I'm sure have seen me around the university. I was elected the representative of my sophomore batch this year, and I plan to be the liaison between you and the university, anything that bothers hopefully be solved, BUT only if you let me know about it, otherwise I wont know about it. You can contact me through phone, email or food.


   Mashal Waqar – Freshmen Representative

Hey everyone! I'm Mashal Waqar and I am your Freshmen Representative for this year. I'm here to voice the freshmen opinion in the Student Government and to ensure the freshmen concerns and ideas do not go unheard. I want to make our first year, the most memorable one, with your support. So email me or message me any time and I will get back to you ASAP


   Anthony Ghanime - Head of Athletics

Hi my name is Tony Ghanime and I’m your Head of Athletics here at R.I.T Dubai. I look forward to working with all the students in establishing a strong athletics program that would be able to compete with all universities in the UAE. If you’re interested in joining any of the available teams just hit me up on facebook or by email.


   Koshal Makhija – Internal Communications Officer

Hello everyone! My name is Koshal Makhija and I am the Internal Communication Officer in the Student Government. This name might sound technical, but my job involves making sure everyone knows about everything happening around university. This might sound tedious, but the sheer number of people can be overwhelming. Anything you need to know about everything, I'm your guy! 

Media Committee: 

Sharan Sadhu - Bulletin Board Manager 

Chandru Nair - Graphic Designer 

WaqasSarguroh - Photographer

Mohammed Musthafa - Photographer

Heydar Heydarov - Photographer