RIT Tigers' Den Competition - Season 01

A group of 4-5 students will be working on this project to represent their school. The registration begins on March 27th and will close on April 15th. The registered groups must submit their team’s advertisements by April 28th to be added to the R.I.T website.

For the PROMOTION section, participants will be required to make either a VIDEO or PRINT media advertisement for their product/service. Each group will be required to send their video or print ad to R.I.T Dubai two weeks before the day of the competition. Therefore, the deadline for each team’s advertisements is April 18th. Advertisements are then be posted on the R.I.T Dubai website. Each group will be required to get VOTES on their advertisement by asking their friends, family, and acquaintances to VOTE for their advertisement. Getting more VOTES will earn more points in the PROMOTION section of the business pitch. This will increase the likelihood of obtaining funding for the product/service.

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The Dubai American Academy

The New World American Private School: Click Here to vote this project

The GEMS Wellington Academy, DSO: Click Here to vote this project