Experiential Learning & Co-op

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Gaining experience that makes a difference
At RIT, cutting-edge academic programs, outstanding faculty, and first-rate classroom and laboratory facilities provide you with a great educational experience. But today’s world demands more. You need to be prepared for the real challenges and opportunities you will experience once you’ve graduated. Your education must be real. It must be relevant. It must be tested in real-world settings and on real-world problems before you graduate. Experiential education allows you to do that—and more. RIT offers a full range of experiential learning opportunities. You may, for example …

Learning Through Research

As the roles of research and innovation—the driving forces in our world economy—continue to expand, the importance of a university that gives you opportunities to participate in creative projects and faculty-guided research can’t be overlooked. At RIT, recognizing that many of the best careers in the future will likely require strong research skills, our undergraduates find opportunities to apply their knowledge in all kinds of fields.

Study Abroad

To prepare you for success in our global society, RIT offers a range of exciting study abroad opportunities that will enhance your academic experience, provide the opportunity to explore other cultures, and allow you to gain valuable international experience that will benefit your future career goals. The RIT Education Abroad and International Fellowships office offers over 600 short-term and long-term programs in over 60 different countries offering coursework in a variety of disciplines.