Early Decision Plan

If you’re applying to RIT as a freshman and have identified RIT as your first-choice college, you may want to apply for an early review of your application through our Early Decision Plan.

How to Apply ED:
To apply for Early Decision, you should check the appropriate box in the Applicant Status section of your application and return your completed form along with all supporting credentials (including transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, and recommendation) by December 1 in order to have your Early Decision notification mailed by January 15. Like other Early Decision Plans, students can only apply to one college/university as an early decision applicant; however you may apply to other colleges at the same time under their regular decision plans.

RIT's ED Policy:
The college admissions process can be very confusing with a variety of application plans available at colleges across the country. The Undergraduate Admissions Office at RIT receives many questions about our Early Decision Plan. Frequently, school counselors, students and parents raise concerns about the implications of the "binding" admission requirements that many private colleges offer.

One of the first and most important things to know about these Early Decision Plans is that they often differ in practice by institution. The Early Decision Plan at RIT is one that is used each year by hundreds of freshman applicants. Our plan can be described as a "friendly" version of a binding agreement.

Under the Early Decision Plan, if you are admitted to RIT in your first-choice academic program, you must submit a $300 acceptance of admission deposit by February 15 and withdraw your applications with all other colleges/universities at that time.

Early Decision candidates who are not accepted will, in most cases, be asked to submit midyear senior grades and will be reviewed a second time as part of the Regular Decision group of applicants. Candidates who are accepted to an alternate (second- or third-choice) program of study may request to be released from the conditions of the Early Decision Plan.

If the ED applicant's family determines that RIT is not an affordable choice, they should contact our office so that the student can be released from the Early Decision Plan. Families are encouraged to work with their assigned Financial Aid Counselor to assist them through the financial aid process.

Financial Aid & Scholarships for ED Applicants:
Early Decision candidates who desire an early estimate of financial aid eligibility should submit an "early version" financial aid application to RIT. This application will be available online to all Early Decision applicants. RIT will provide ED applicants with an "Early Estimate of Financial Aid" before they need to submit their acceptance deposit on February 15. All Early Decision applicants are automatically reviewed for RIT Merit Scholarships. These award letters are also sent to students prior to the deposit deadline of on February 15. Merit & need based aid are awarded in exactly the same manner regardless of whether the applicant has applied under the early decision or regular decision plans. RIT strives to provide all ED applicants and their family's answers to financial questions prior to making a commitment with the $300 acceptance deposit.

If you have any questions regarding RIT's Early Decision Plan, please contact us at (585)475-6631, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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