Transfer Applicants

Transfer Applicants

You should apply to RIT as a transfer if you have attended any college after graduating from secondary school.

This year, RIT will enroll more than 850 new transfer students, placing our university among the national leaders in transfer student admission.

We’re successful in enrolling transfer students because we understand your needs. We provide special programs and personnel to accommodate you during the admissions process. Our goal is to make your transition to RIT as easy as possible.

General Information

  • Differential Admissions

    Students applying to RIT choose a specific academic program as part of the admission process. This is important because we offer a variety of academic programs, and  requirements differ from one program to another.

  • Undecided Students

    It's natural to be uncertain of your future. Like many prospective college students, you may have several different personal interests and career aspirations right now.
  • Applying To More Than One Major

    We also encourage applicants to indicate a second and third program choice when applying for admission. If RIT is unable to offer you admission to your first choice program, you may be qualified for admission to one of your alternative choices.