(March 14 2006) Written by: Joe Conley in Student Life

I spent the last week participating in the High Tide tournament in Savannah, Georgia, and vacationing on the beaches of...

Finals Week 'Oh my Gosh'

(February 27 2006) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Academic Calendar, Coursework

Hey all. So it is finals weeks at last; the end of the quarter no more of the same. New things are...

Google eyes eBay

(February 26 2006) Written by: Joe Conley

Google is gearing up to provide services similar to what eBay and Paypal offer: Google Base now offering payments: "In...

My Computer Is Smarter Than Your Computer

(February 24 2006) Written by: Jeff Maher in Coursework

Artificial Intelligence (AI) probably can be defined as the study of how to get computers to accel at tasks that humans are...

Snowshoe trip in the 'dacks

(February 20 2006) Written by: Kahle Toothill

So this weekend I spent snowshoeing in the Adirondack mountains near Lake Placid, NY. We stayed at the Mountain Brook Lodge...

strange, strange dreams.

(February 20 2006) Written by: Amanda Lasicki

one of the awesome things about being a photo student here at RIT is the cage. the cage lets you borrow equipment...

February 18th...I am so Old... So Old

(February 18 2006) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno

So you may be wondering how I am so old. Well it is my Birthday today I am now 20 years old....

Interviews galore!

(February 17 2006) Written by: Joe Conley in Advising & Support, Co-op

So I have an interview tomorrow for Sensis Corporation in Syracuse, NY tomorrow morning, an Interview with Microsoft for their Intern Program...

CD ripping, backups not fair use?

(February 17 2006) Written by: Joe Conley

Content-related industries including members of the RIAA and MPAA have filed with the government saying the Digital Millenium Copyright Act needs to...