i've got sunshiiiiiiineeee on a cloudy day

(January 25 2007) Written by: Amanda Lasicki

THINGS NEVER END. PEOPLE NEVER LEAVE. I PROMISE. if there i ever doubt that phrase again, somebody please remind me that tonight happened....

Lookin' good!

(January 25 2007) Written by: Joe Conley

So now, thanks to some advice from Andy, we're using a D3DXSprite to render the background, and simply changing the...

Oh My..

(January 25 2007) Written by: Jessica Quinn

Ahhh week 6 is craaazzzyyyyyy!!! But it's almost over..thank god for that! I just had a presentation in psych of went...

The Reality of Rochester Winter

(January 25 2007) Written by: Jeff Maher in Rochester & Monroe County

Back when I was a youngin' (uhm...5-6 years ago...), I was making my college rounds and went out to Pittsburgh to check...

Art House!

(January 24 2007) Written by: Cory Gregory in Residence Life, Student Life

The time has come to apply for on-campus housing for next year, so today my First-Year Enrichment (FYE) class attended a Housing...

songs to get pumped to

(January 24 2007) Written by: Arthur Johnston

So for Christmas I received season one of How I Met Your Mother, a chronically underappreciated show, and have been watching all...

The Art of Drifting.

(January 24 2007) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno

So…Drifting is a lot of fun and by a lot I mean a lot of fun. However doing it on campus will...

i've got to admit it's getting better

(January 23 2007) Written by: Amanda Lasicki

there has been so much snow lately and it is wonderful. i love love love it. i just don't love love love...

soooo tired...

(January 23 2007) Written by: Sarah Alef

You know how you have those days where you go non-stop from dawn until dusk? I feel like I've been doing that...