Rantings and ravings...

(January 18 2007) Written by: Sarah Alef in Women at RIT

Ok kids, it's rant time. Sarah's frustrated, so let's talk a little bit about something that I (and every other female at...

My college essay

(January 17 2007) Written by: Arthur Johnston in Co-op, Coursework

Now I know that many of my faithful readers are in fact reading my blog not just for the joy of my...

Beautiful disaster

(January 16 2007) Written by: Kahle Toothill

My roommate took pictures of the ice storm that occurred yesterday so I just thought I'd share. I won't be writing much...

Go Away Snow..

(January 16 2007) Written by: Jessica Quinn

So..i love winter, dont get me wrong. but i can tell you this..i was definately enjoying the warm weather and no snow!...


(January 16 2007) Written by: Kahle Toothill

I'll admit, I didn't believe it when my roommate, Sarah, came running into my room saying that all classes for today (Monday,...

Insider knowledge as a status symbol

(January 15 2007) Written by: Arthur Johnston

It is fairly common knowledge that when any subculture begins to be seen as having a high social status other members of...

Classes Cancelled Today!

(January 15 2007) Written by: Cory Gregory

Hi everyone. This morning, I woke up to my phone ringing. My friend Dan called and told me that classes were cancelled...

history in the making

(January 15 2007) Written by: Amanda Lasicki

today i was woken up by my roommate. she was kneeling next to my bed and when i opened my eyes...

brain fatigue

(January 11 2007) Written by: Arthur Johnston

Most people are familiar with muscle fatigue. You work out for to hard and to long and your muscles at some...