Academic Calendar



(February 11 2010) Written by: Carolyn Levine in Academic Calendar

Today RIT announced that in the fall of 2013 it will be switching from the current quarter system to a semester system....

Freeze Fest Outlook

(February 03 2010) Written by: Alissa Anderson in Academic Calendar, Clubs, Community Service, Life After RIT, Student Life

This Friday kicks of the start of the 2010 Freeze Fest , an on-campus winter festival to melt away the winter blues.   RIT...

Got to love RIT Breaks

(January 10 2010) Written by: Peter Dunning in Academic Calendar, Residence Life, Student Life, Vacation / Break

So I had an amazing break.I was able to relax, hang out with my family, sleep (EXCESSIVELY) and work a bunch. Don't forget...

What I Did Over My Winter Vacation Is...

(January 05 2010) Written by: Clarissa Baston in Academic Calendar, Study Abroad

Happy New Year everyone!  I know I haven't blogged in while, but it's for a good reason...I promise.  During winter break I...

Girls Who Stare at Goats

(December 18 2009) Written by: Alissa Anderson in Academic Calendar, Student Life

It is finally the end of week three and that means two weeks off for Christmas break! In honor of the holiday spirit my...

Calendar Debate!

(December 17 2009) Written by: Victor H Sanchez in Academic Calendar

As many of you many know RIT is currently on the quarter system. The way the quarter system at RIT works is that each...

Oh those 3 weeks

(December 17 2009) Written by: Richard Rockelmann in Academic Calendar

As you may know RIT is based on the quarter system. Or, for most, a Tri-mester plan. That means YES, you have...

The Weather outside is....

(December 13 2009) Written by: Erin Hazeltine in Academic Calendar, Dining, Student Life

So the weather outside on Thursday might have been frightful, but that doesn't stop anyone...ok maybe it does all the cars outside at 5...