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An Inside Tip About Financial Aid!

(January 18 2013) Written by: Christina Brooks in Admissions Process, Advising & Support, Financial Aid

Let's just all be honest, RIT isn't the cheapest of colleges (however it's definately worth evey penny). When I got accepted into...

It’s okay to change your major!

(January 09 2013) Written by: Chad Rossi in Advising & Support

Hello Everyone! So I wanted to talk about changing majors at RIT and what it’s like. First thing I want to get...

Homework Got You Down?

(December 02 2012) Written by: Christina Brooks in Advising & Support

One thing about college that doesn't change from high school is homework. And unfortunately, you'll probably have lots more of it in...

Studying: Where, When, and Who?

(October 03 2012) Written by: Kevin Granger in Advising & Support

I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times from your high school teachers: “this won’t fly in college!” Being late, talking in...

College & Careers I

(July 23 2012) Written by: Tanner Newcomb in Visiting RIT, Admissions Process, Advising & Support, Student Life

RIT's College & Careers is an opportunity for rising highschool seniors to experience college life, while learning about different programs and career...

First Quarter Schedules: What you need to know

(July 12 2012) Written by: Tanner Newcomb in Advising & Support, Coursework, Majors & Minors, Orientation, Student Life

Things are getting a little hectic now that many students have received their first quarter schedules. Let me shed some light on...

Dream Big: RIT Convocation

(September 05 2011) Written by: Alissa Anderson in Academic Calendar, Advising & Support, Alumni, Life After RIT, Orientation, Student Life, Women at RIT

Last week students were welcomed to campus during the traditional “RIT Tiger Walk” and Convocation ceremonies. The Tiger Walk consists of a...

Classes for Spring!

(February 07 2011) Written by: Christina Brooks in Advising & Support, Coursework

Registration this quarter rocked. Other than having to wake up excessively early, I got all of the classes I needed/wanted and I...

Ohh Registration

(January 28 2011) Written by: Christina Brooks in Academic Calendar, Advising & Support, Student Life

I’ve never woken up so early in college other than for freshman registration day. 5:50 am, bright and early, for the 6...