RIT Hockey vs. Michigan Wolverines

(October 18 2012) Written by: Matt Garver in Athletics

The RIT hockey program continues to amaze me. This program is a true story of the underdog. RIT offers no athletic scholarships....

RIT Women's Soccer Picks Up 6 Points

(October 13 2012) Written by: Cassandra Bursma in Athletics

Hi, my name is Cassie Bursma and I play for the RIT Women's soccer team. We had a very successful weekend, defeating...

First Hockey Game at RIT (and Ever!)

(October 13 2012) Written by: Daniel Nwosu in Athletics

Hey Guys, I'm Daniel Nwosu, a first year Mechanical Engineering Tech student. I'm the newest addition to the RIT students behind the...

Athletics Overview 2012-2013

(August 13 2012) Written by: Matt Garver in Athletics

It is mid August and the RIT campus prepares for the 2012-2013 academic year.  The summer just whistled by and here we...

A New Arena: Enter the Poliseum.

(June 12 2012) Written by: Kevin Granger in Athletics

It’s no secret that we love hockey up here in Rochester. With two (count ‘em) two powerhouse hockey teams in our ranks,...

Imagine RIT: The Best and Brightest

(April 11 2012) Written by: Tanner Newcomb in Alumni, Athletics, Clubs, Festivals, Innovation, Research, Student Life, The Arts

Back in the day when I was a prospective student, one of the things I remember most is all the hype that...

Week 8: Procrastination at it's finest!

(October 25 2011) Written by: Tanner Newcomb in Academic Calendar, Athletics, Clubs, LGBT, Student Life

Sometimes... we all put things off. I did that by making a video. :)Fully captioned, enjoy! Follow me on Twitter for more updates!...

Midnight Gym Bonanza

(October 13 2011) Written by: Tanner Newcomb in Athletics, Residence Life, Student Life

A middle-of-the-night visit to the 24/7 accessible gym at Global Village.  On location?  You bet.  @RIT_Alissa better check herself.  ;)Follow me on...

Dodgeball World Record

(April 24 2011) Written by: Jacob Sachs in Athletics, Student Life

Want to be a part of history? Want to set a world record? Here is your chance. On May 1st, the Phi...