"Engineers create that which has never been" -AE

(March 22 2009) Written by: Alissa Anderson in Clubs, Women at RIT

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a non-profit organization for women in engineering and technology.  SWE was the first organization dedicated...

Alice and an 'Elephantman' in the 'True West' of 'Arcadia'

(March 17 2009) Written by: Jane Homan in Clubs, Student Life, The Arts

What I love about RIT is that there's always some sort of theatre production being put on. Whether it's being done by...


(March 12 2009) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Clubs, Community Service, Student Life, The Arts

Mr. RIT Even though it is only the first week of spring quarter, I'm already VERY busy. Classes...I'm taking only thirteen credits this...

Back in the Spotlight

(February 20 2009) Written by: Clarissa Baston in Clubs, Majors & Minors, Student Life

In my profile, I mentioned that I am a Theatre Arts Minor.  Now I chose this particular minor because I was an...

NTID Grad on Amazing Race

(February 15 2009) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Clubs, Coursework, Student Life

    Imagine my surprise when I got on the RIT website today and find out that an former NTID student is going...

Intramural games are over! :(

(February 12 2009) Written by: Andrew Bona in Academic Calendar, Clubs, Student Life

So it is now at the end of week 9.... this means one thing for me: Intramural games are done!!! I'm rather sad...

Alternative Valentine's Day Plans

(February 12 2009) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Clubs, The Arts

    Looking for something to do on "Single Awarness Day"? (That's Valentine's Day for all you in love people out there) There's...

I haven't been in hiding, just busy.

(February 04 2009) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Clubs, Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

This past week seemed like it was the busiest week of my life. I also made the mistake of putting all schoolwork...

My First Time....

(February 04 2009) Written by: Victor H Sanchez in Clubs, Majors & Minors, Rochester & Monroe County

Hey everyone this is my first time writing a blog so I’m supper excited!!! My name is Victor, I was born in...