Creative Industry Day

(April 02 2014) Written by: Zachary Bokumiewicz in Co-op

As has been stated in my blogs before, RIT has an excellent job placement program with the Co-op and Career Services Office....

RIT Job Zone

(March 25 2014) Written by: Lizz Sawyer in Co-op

One of the many great things RIT offers to students is a resource called Job Zone. When you become a student here...

The Unexpected Value of Co-op

(March 24 2014) Written by: Josh Vickerson in Co-op

It’s 7 o’clock Monday morning and I’m rolling out of bed. Despite the early hour, I’m wide awake and eager to start...

Getting a Job

(February 27 2014) Written by: Christina Brooks in Advising & Support, Co-op, Life After RIT

The one thing that attracted me most to RIT when thinking about colleges was how much RIT helps and supports you in...

Once it was a Co-op, now it's a Career!

(February 26 2014) Written by: Zachary Bokumiewicz in Co-op

Last year I wrote an awesome post about our Office of Co-op and Careers on campus (which you can find here). Back...

The Career Fair

(February 19 2014) Written by: Danielle Nutter in Advising & Support, Co-op

This week I wanted to write a post about the career fair. If you’re thinking about going to RIT and your major...

Being on Co-op. Living on Campus.

(February 07 2014) Written by: Emily O'Shaughnessy in Co-op, Innovation, Life After RIT, Majors & Minors, RIT Behind The Scenes, Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life, Women at RIT

Since just before the beginning of RIT's spring semester, I have been on co-op with a company just outside Rochester called Crosman....

Co-oping in NYC!

(November 07 2013) Written by: Christina Brooks in Co-op

I know, I know, this is super late. But better late than never, right? This past summer I co-op'd at the ad...

Handling the Career Fair Like a Pro

(October 02 2013) Written by: Peter Ryan, Jr. in Advising & Support, Co-op, Student Life

The Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services is a great resource for RIT students looking for jobs and career advice. Located...