(May 28 2007) Written by: Brian Lopipero in Co-op, Student Life

It's finally here, summer vacation.  Of course it is great to be done with classes, but I miss RIT.  I miss working...

The Post Excitement of Co-op

(May 18 2007) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Co-op, Coursework, Student Life

So now that the joy has worn off the difficult choices have come into play. Where am i going to live? How...

Makin' Games for the Summer

(May 12 2007) Written by: Joe Conley in Co-op

I've accepted a position at Activision's Vicarious Visions Game Studio in Albany, NY for the summer and fall.  I get to put...

I got a Job!!

(May 12 2007) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Co-op

Howdy all. I am so sicked. I got myself a nice Co-op for this summer at Johnson and Johnson. I actually got...

Busy And Interviews

(May 11 2007) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Co-op, Coursework

Howdy all. So as you may know the end of hte quarter is quickly approaching and with that comes finals and practicals....

The Co-op Search

(April 26 2007) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Co-op

            So I have been searching for a co-op for some time now being at the end of my second year I...

I am Back!

(April 06 2007) Written by: in Co-op, Student Life

It's taken me quite a while to get onto this new site. Turns out my user name and password were changed. But...

Today is Wednesday, March 28, 2007, and it is...

(March 28 2007) Written by: Stacy Kowsz in Co-op

It's a big day at RIT today. Today is...drum roll, please...(suspense building)...Spring Career Fair!  Basically, as a busy, not motivated, second year...

The Decision to Stay

(February 19 2007) Written by: Jeff Maher in Co-op, Coursework, Majors & Minors

As I approached course registration (which was a couple of weeks ago), a pretty big decision was resting on my shoulders: Should...