almost back to classes

(November 30 2006) Written by: Arthur Johnston in Coursework, Student Life

So in case none of my loyal readers have noticed I haven't posted anything in the last few weeks. This is because...

The Fall of Fall

(November 15 2006) Written by: Jeff Maher in Clubs, Coursework, Life After RIT, Student Life

Hey Folks - I apologize for the lack of updates this quarter. I've been extremely busy and unfortunately this blog hasn't seen...

The Build a Computer Practical

(November 09 2006) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Coursework

So I haven’t talked about my 340 class in a while. Tonight is the lab practical; I have to build a computer...

the fine art of procrastination

(November 08 2006) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Coursework

hello all. it's week ten. good luck does not exist week ten. plain and simple. i was having the most amazing luck the...

OS Scripting of DOOM!!

(November 06 2006) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Coursework

I know I have used this title before; or at least one like it. But today was the last class of OS...

Exhaustion from the end kicking in

(November 02 2006) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Coursework

So the other night in OS Scripting we talked about the upcoming 2 weeks and what we are going to be doing....


(October 27 2006) Written by: Kahle Toothill in Coursework, Rochester & Monroe County

This past week It's been a little on the chilly side which means no more flip flops. And I love flip flops....

The Laugh

(October 11 2006) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Coursework

So tonight in OS Scripting I saw one of the funniest slides ever and thought to my self “Self, I must post...

??Week of Hall Part Deux??

(October 04 2006) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Academic Calendar, Coursework, Student Life

So it is officially week 5 (technically has been since Monday) and that means midterms and practical’s…Practical’s for those that don’t know...