You've Been Accepted. So, What's Next?

(March 31 2014) Written by: Josh Vickerson in Visiting RIT, Orientation, Student Life

So, you've been accepted. Congratulations! Seriously, that's awesome news. But now the real decision-making process begins. If you've visited before, you've likely...

A Long Ride

(June 07 2013) Written by: Josh Vickerson in Orientation, Student Life

Before my freshman year, I decided to challenge myself. I had seen plenty of notices about these "Pre-Orientation" things I could sign...

New Student Orientation: Part 1

(September 25 2012) Written by: Kevin Granger in Orientation

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year...”Not Christmas, silly. Move-in day! That day where thousands of new RIT students come to...

First Quarter Schedules: What you need to know

(July 12 2012) Written by: Tanner Newcomb in Advising & Support, Coursework, Majors & Minors, Orientation, Student Life

Things are getting a little hectic now that many students have received their first quarter schedules. Let me shed some light on...

New Student Orientation

(June 27 2012) Written by: Tanner Newcomb in Academic Calendar, Orientation, Student Life

No doubt you’ve heard a lot about your upcoming RIT Orientation experience, or at least you’ve wondered about it a little. Or,...

Things To Do While Waiting for RIT

(June 25 2012) Written by: Christina Brooks in Clubs, Orientation, Residence Life, Student Life, Vacation / Break

Congrats to all of you graduated seniors! This is going to be the longest summer of your life. Why? Because you're waiting...

The Infamous Math Placement Exam (MPE): What you need to know

(June 05 2012) Written by: Tanner Newcomb in Admissions Process, Coursework, Institute Requirements, Orientation, Student Life

Okay, so... word on the street is that there's a lot of confusion concerning the MPE - who needs to take it,...

Congratulations! What You Should Do Next!

(February 21 2012) Written by: Jacob Sachs in Admissions Process, Orientation, RIT Behind The Scenes

Congratulations on your acceptance to RIT! Your next question is probably "What do I do next?"Well, here are a few resources for...

Being a Real Native American!

(October 08 2011) Written by: Tanner Newcomb in Festivals, Orientation, Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

Check out my most recent adventures!Wanna hear more about campus happenings and my general shenanigans? Holla at me on Twitter: @RIT_TannerIdeas for...