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Construction Update # 4: Almost Complete!

(September 02 2010) Written by: Emily Okey in Residence Life

As you may well know, there has been a lot of construction around campus this year and it picked up the pace...

Back in the ROC

(August 31 2010) Written by: Josh Kramer in Academic Calendar, Orientation, Residence Life

First year move in is tomorrow! I hope that everyone who is moving in has at least started packing. My first year...

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men at Student Speak Up Day

(April 30 2010) Written by: Josh Kramer in Advising & Support, Campus Safety, Dining, Residence Life, Student Life

Today was Student Speak Up day.  Speak Up day is a day for students to tell any and all departments on campus...

It’s Decision Time and Cost is a Factor!

(April 26 2010) Written by: Corinne Franklin in Advising & Support, Co-op, Financial Aid, Residence Life

I don’t need to remind families that May 1st is just around the corner! In the past couple of months...

Living in the Dorms

(April 05 2010) Written by: Danielle Nutter in Advising & Support, Residence Life

I have to say the weather we have been having here in Rochester is gorgeous. One thing that I was afraid of moving...

9 Things to Make Sure to Bring to College

(April 01 2010) Written by: Casey Bitzberger in Residence Life, Student Life

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Park Point RIT

(March 15 2010) Written by: Casey Bitzberger in Residence Life

I’ve done two posts on my previous housing…so I might as well keep the trend going as I lived at only one other residence...

You Can Write with Both Hands???

(March 07 2010) Written by: Peter Dunning in Advising & Support, Campus Safety, Coursework, Residence Life, Student Life

So I have not been on in a while.  This is due to the fact that I went on a Ski Trip...

Gleason 2

(March 02 2010) Written by: Casey Bitzberger in Residence Life

  Housing was one of my biggest fears when I got accepted into RIT. I knew the school was amazing and would provide the education...