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Let us sled! Let us sled! Let us sled!

(January 30 2009) Written by: Sade Fridy in Student Life

Last Saturday I went sledding for the first time!! I'm not from a place with a lot of big hills so, sledding...

Senior Events

(January 29 2009) Written by: Cynthia Roberts in Student Life

As a senior here at RIT I often find myself over loaded with senior level courses that require insane amounts of time...

A Sticky Situation

(January 29 2009) Written by: Emily Okey in Student Life

Yesterday was just one of those days that I should have stayed in bed... oh wait, I did sort of. It all started...

It's that time again...

(January 28 2009) Written by: Clarissa Baston in Academic Calendar, Majors & Minors, Student Life

It's registration time!!!  Well for third years anyways.  So once again, I am forced to wake up wayyyy to early than I...

The Unknown Dangers of Hockey

(January 25 2009) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Athletics, Campus Safety, Clubs, Student Life, Women at RIT

On Friday night I went to my first women's hockey game. I'm a big hockey fan and in previous years I've gone...

Alternative Winter Housing

(January 23 2009) Written by: James Ichihana in Student Life

Wellness classes at RIT range from rock climbing and kayaking to billiards and massage.  My personal choices have been tennis and dodge...

Illustration...@ RIT???

(January 22 2009) Written by: Clarissa Baston in Coursework, Faculty, Majors & Minors, Student Life, The Arts

"So where do you go to school?" "I go to RIT" "Ooooooh that's awesome, what are you majoring in?" "Illustration." ".....oh.....that's....interesting...." The dialogue above is what happens...

I wonder if Vermont is colder than Rochester...

(January 22 2009) Written by: Ariel Leitao in Clubs, Student Life

Another week has flown by here at RIT.  I absolutely cannot believe that the winter quarter is almost over.  A month or...


(January 22 2009) Written by: Sarah Alef in Student Life

In honor of the Inauguration and all the recent Obama events, I thought I would share with you a picture that I took the...