Student Life


Weather in Rochester

(April 16 2014) Written by: Lizz Sawyer in Residence Life, Student Life

On the last tour I gave, a student asked me about weather here in Rochester. I answered my usual answer but he...

Tiger Pride!

(April 15 2014) Written by: Danielle Nutter in Athletics, Student Life

If you've ever been on a tour here at RIT, you know all about our Tiger Pride! Our school mascot brought a...

Will My Roommate Like Me?

(April 03 2014) Written by: Christina Brooks in Student Life

Will my roommate like me? This is a big question everyone wonders coming into college. So will they? Maybe! (I'm just a...

Hey, I'm Out of State!

(April 01 2014) Written by: Christina Brooks in Student Life

There's sometimes a misconception that the RIT student body is mostly comprised of in-state students from NY. However, 51% of our students...

You've Been Accepted. So, What's Next?

(March 31 2014) Written by: Josh Vickerson in Visiting RIT, Orientation, Student Life

So, you've been accepted. Congratulations! Seriously, that's awesome news. But now the real decision-making process begins. If you've visited before, you've likely...

Croatian Coffee Culture

(March 21 2014) Written by: Amanda Barton in Student Life

I have been studying abroad at RIT Croatia, the Dubrovnik campus, for almost two months. I’ve learned a lot from my experiences...

Global Game Jam

(March 17 2014) Written by: Carl Domingo in Computing, Innovation, Labs, Research, Student Life

In a previous blog, I talked about the iOS App Challenge, which you can find here: This week, I figured I’d...

Decisions, Decisions

(March 14 2014) Written by: Emily O'Shaughnessy in Visiting RIT, Admissions Process, Athletics, Clubs, Life After RIT, Research, Residence Life, RIT Behind The Scenes, Student Life, Women at RIT

Almost exactly this time three years ago, I received my acceptance letter from RIT, and I couldn't have been more thrilled! Being...

Fun Outside of Class

(March 13 2014) Written by: Matthieu Dora in Student Life

During my first year here at RIT, I decided that I wasn’t going to do anything outside of my major; “better to...