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Somewhere without smoke?

(March 22 2008) Written by: Sarah Alef in Study Abroad

A while back I wrote about how I was applying to study abroad in Russia. Unfortunately, due to some state department concerns...

Updates Updates

(March 17 2008) Written by: Cynthia Roberts in Study Abroad

Some fascinating news: Saint Patrick's day was officially moved from today (the 17th) to last Saturday (the 15th) by the Pope.  Why you...

Life Lessons (in relation to RIT)

(February 19 2008) Written by: Cynthia Roberts in Student Life, Study Abroad

Life Lesson # 1 Never begin the application process for study abroad in week 10.  It's way to busy a time to do...

RIT is taking me to Vermont... and PRAGUE!

(January 17 2008) Written by: Kahle Toothill in Study Abroad

Let's start out with the Green Mountains. RIT has an organization called OCASA (Off campus and apartment student organization). They offer services to...

I'm going to Russia!

(January 14 2008) Written by: Sarah Alef in Study Abroad

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind, although I can't say whether it's due to the amount of Nyquil and orange...

I'm going to Japan!

(December 13 2007) Written by: Joe Conley in Study Abroad

Next summer I will take part in Kanazawa Institute of Technology's summer program, living and studying in Kanazawa, Japan for 6 weeks...

i love fall.

(October 07 2007) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Student Life, Study Abroad

hi everybody! i love fall! just thought i'd throw that out there. right now i'm eating a freshly picked apple. i had...

All that jazz

(July 11 2007) Written by: Cynthia Roberts in Co-op, Study Abroad

The one thing I've been waiting to do my entire life, is study abroad.  And next summer I'm going to get the...

Informal Introduction

(June 26 2007) Written by: John-Paul Takats in Student Life, Study Abroad

Being a Web Developer and studying Information Technology I find myself upgrading and redesigning things before I ever get a chance...