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Baby It's Cold Outside

(January 14 2009) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Clubs, Student Life, The Arts

Hey everybody...what are you doing tonight? Hiding out in your room from the cold? That's a shame. You should all come to...

The Vignelli Center for Design Studies!

(December 09 2008) Written by: Erin Hazeltine in Libraries, The Arts

So now to the good stuff! Life on campus! I have wanted to write about one of out newest additions to RIT more specifically...

RIT Music Overview

(October 13 2008) Written by: Brian Lopipero in The Arts

It has been over a year since I’veblogged on the admissions website, and I’ve finally decided to come back to theRIT admissions...

RITSMA/Players Update

(September 18 2008) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in The Arts

Lots of big news from this week's RITSMA and Players meetings!! Right now there are rehearsals for two different plays going on. I...

RIT's Pep Band

(September 11 2008) Written by: Matt Garver in Athletics, The Arts

As the Rochester Institute of Technology began to transition the Men’s Ice Hockey team to a Division 1 program, some additions had...

Music, Sports, and Food

(February 13 2008) Written by: Cynthia Roberts in Athletics, Concerts, The Arts

The weekend here at RIT was pretty exciting. Friday night Jack's Mannequin played here and it was pretty amazing.  Lead singer...

final bows. black out.

(January 31 2008) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in The Arts

well, that's it. the musical is over. time to get back to my life. thanks to everybody who came to see it!! cast...

costume, make up, hair

(January 24 2008) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in The Arts

tomorrow...tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow. we open tomorrow. i'm kind of nervous seeing as i have yet to make it full a full run-through...

i like being busy. does that make me a freak?

(January 16 2008) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Residence Life, The Arts

i also like eating apples with cheddar cheese...but we won't get into my weird food combos now. one week left til until...