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Victor H Sanchez on Friday, 15 January 2010. Posted in LGBT

Rochester has many fun areas and places to see. After I decided to no longer be an RA and move off campus my roommate and I looked for a place closer to downtown. Yes we would be further way but it would be nice to be close to many of the areas the we like to go to in downtown Rochester.


When we found an apartment near a local coffee shop the we visit frequently we decided it would make sense to live close to it. We now live a 7 min walk from Equal Grounds.


Equal Grounds is a GLBT coffee shop. GLBT stands for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender (there are many other letters but I won’t getin to that).

This is one of my favorite coffee shops not just because I have many friends that go there but it also has a great environment.There is a huge screen TV and games that you can play while you have your coffee with friends.




It has great drinks with special based on the season. It isusually pretty quiet though it has its moments and its sections. I love going there to do school work. It has defiantly become one of mine and my friends hang out spots. Where we canmeet up with friends and catch up after a long week of classes.

There are GLBT books that you can purchase or read while youare there. There are special events that take place such as poetry readings orlocal bands and art sales. Once a month there is an even called campus outwhere many of the GLBT students from the Rochester universities meet up here to interact with each other and find out the events that may be going on in other campuses. 

When I first came to Rochester I was unaware about thestrong GLBT population that there is here. From what I have heard 13% of thepopulation in Rochester is GLBT. The Rochester community as well as the RIT is a very safe and fun place for the GLBT community. I know I was very surprised to find out about this. Rochester even has a pride parade every year a few weeks after the one in NYC.

Its good to know that coming to RIT you won’t just begetting a great education but you will also be in an environment full ofdiversity and a city where you can feel safe being who you are.