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10 completely useless (or useful) facts about RIT (sort of)

Cynthia Roberts on Thursday, 09 August 2007. Posted in Student Life

1. When cutting through grass on your way to class please look down.  Deer do not care where they do their business and it's almost always in your path.

2. Make friends with someone who works at RIT Inn.  The benefits keep coming.
The decorate your house,
With sweet vases and exotic looking flowers.
And you don't have to pay for it.  Martha Stewart would be proud.

3. If you want to park somewhere you shouldn't, roll your window down just enough that the scanner part of you sticker is unscannable.  I'm not entirely sure this works but it appears that many students have recently discovered it behind the library.

4. Be nice to the Java's people.  Eventually, they'll give you free stuff.

5. If someone changes your birthday party to a theme birthday party do not fret.  Arlene's costume's is open year round.

6. You can find the coolest presents at the dollar store or the christmas tree shops.  For cheap...Obviously.

7. You can't have bikes or skateboards or scooters on the quarter mile...but segways are totally legit if you wanna drop the cash for one.

8. Losing your ID card really isn't a huge deal.  But throwing it out on your tray from Commons still makes you look silly.  Under no circumstances should you begin digging through the trash for it.  It just isn't worth it.  Additionally, don't lose your ID card so often that the people at the Registrar's begin to recognize you.  It will not help in your fight for a free replacement.

9. Hot apple cider (when in season) is really only good with caramel and cinnamon.  Seriously, don't doubt me Ryan Miller.

10. Cell phones should not be made into weapons no matter what your RA thinks (Meagan!).  Throwing them at people is just plain mean.

Tune in next time for 10 completely useless (or useful) facts about living in close proximity with other people.