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11 Lessons I Learned From Freshman Year

Chad Rossi on Wednesday, 19 December 2012.

So today I was thinking about all the crazy shenanigans that I did my freshman year that I thought maybe I should warn future freshman by writing a blog!

1. Forgetting water with your easy mac will result in lot of smoke

So my roommate on move in day wanted to make some easy mac but he forgot the water! I would have never thought that it would make as much smoke as it did but it’s a crazy amount. The whole floor was literally just filled with smoke causing the fire alarm to go off and pausing move in for everyone… Needless to say, he never forgot again.

2. You can nap seriously anywhere.

Winter quarter of my freshman year was when I started napping in random places on campus. It started off while I was in class I would fall asleep but then I realized that I was missing too much material so during my breaks between classes I would either go to the third floor of the library on the couches there, in the campus center near the fire place, the tutoring center in the college of science, outside my next class… and the list goes on. No one will judge you if you are napping randomly on any couch. We all understand how you feel.

3. Choosing your roommate doesn’t mean that you guys are going to be best friends forever

So I chose my roommate because I went to high school with him and I thought it would be the safest bet because I already knew him and things would be great. But I was wrong. Probably after fall quarter I thought about all the crazy things I could do. It started with hiding small things of his but then it led to pranks like duct taping all his stuff to the ceiling and wrapping all of his stuff in plastic wrap. It was great because I would leave Skype open in the background on my computer and sit on my friends room in another building and when he would walk in, I could watch his reaction without actually being there. Point is, don’t choose your roommate and expect amazing things.

4. All you can eat, doesn’t mean eat it all

Being the lucky freshman that you are, you all get to eat at Gracie’s all the time! Which isn’t a bad thing, they actually have pretty good food but it’s an all you can eat buffet. I used to go to Gracie’s with homework and sit there for breakfast, lunch and dinner and no one would ever say anything. Well except the scale. Having endless pizza and ice cream twice a week for 33 weeks might have been a factor in my freshman 40 but I’ll talk more about that later.

5. The revise "5 second rule"

We all know what the 5 second rule is. It takes place if you drop a piece of food on the ground, you have five seconds to pick it up and eat it before it becomes spoiled. Well do I have news for you. Scientists have discovered that either 5 seconds or 10 minutes, it will have the same amount of bacteria on it. Therefore, it has been proven that it is now called the 10 minute rule, where you can seriously, drop some food, go on a walk, go to the bathroom, get some laundry done, and that food is still good!  Thank God for these scientists.


6. How to dress

So week one and two, people always like to dress nicely, try to impress any other students in the class or maybe even the professor, but after week three, as long as you are wearing clothes, it’s okay. Just today, there was a girl who walked into my Mechanics class with her hair in a bun on her left side, and old RIT sweatshirt, sweatpants that looked a size too big and I think she might have been wearing ugg boots. Point is, as long as you are going to class and wearing your clothes, you are doing something right.

7. “Friend with a car”

Your top priority when you move into your dorm is to find your friend with a car. Make sure that they are willing to drive you to Wal-Mart at random hours, they like mighty taco (especially at two in the morning on any day of the week), and willing to pick you up across the city at any time of the night. WARNING! If you have a car, beware of these friends.

8. It snows.

9. Why buy a sled when RIT has them!

Dining commons has food that is pretty good but there trays have many purposes. One of which is sledding! Jumping on one of those things while going down greek hill is always a good time. Just make sure you wash it and bring it back when you are done or they get fussy.

10. Just because you fit in the dryer doesn’t mean you should go for a spin.

My friend Patty (Ambassador) was telling me that one of her friends thought it was a fantastic idea to jump into a dryer and go for a ride. I don’t know how that story ended but I will have to have a follow up with that. But the dryers break really easily so don’t do it =)

11. Midnight corner store runs

Corner store is a little convenient store in the dorms and it’s open until 2 a.m. but one way that you can help your freshman 15 is being going there with a group of friends at midnight and getting Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and eating all of it in one sitting. It’s awesome!