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15 min til FYE

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 19 January 2006. Posted in Dining, Residence Life, Student Life

woohoo, it's thursday!! i've always liked thursdays. this quarter thursdays are nice because i have my tour in the morning, then FYE and photo, dinner at crossroads because they serve the most amazing hawaiian pizza on thursdays, massage therapy [always a good thing], and 50 cent boneless wing night at b dubs [buffalo wild wings]. it's become a floor tradition to go every thursday. leave around 11, 11:15 [at night], hike out to b-lot and cram into cars to enjoy some fine dining. hahaha. hopefully i don't have sucky thursdays next quarter.

tomorrow is my mom's birthday. i can say it, she can't read this. she's turning the big 5-0. my mom's birthday has always been sort of a battle in my family. in high school, it always fell right during midterms and we just had to go out to dinner on her actual birthday. i mean, we rarely celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday because it's in the middle of summer and half the time we were on vacation. but no, for my mom's birthday, it can't be a day or two before or after. apparently birthday dinners are much more important that being prepared for an AP stats midterm or an honors chem midterm. also, her birthday is smack dab in the middle of hockey season and every single year there has been a game that i have had to miss because of her birthday. so finally, i get to college. i live six hours away from home. you'd think she'd just got out and celebrate her birthday with my dad at some nice restaurant and be grateful that she doesn't have to hear about me complaining about exams. mmm no. her and my dad are taking off work and driving here so they can go to dinner with me. and guess what i'm missing? a hockey game. *sigh* i'll just never win.

on that note, i have advice for any of you only children out there who are going to be heading off to college. make sure your parents adopt a child somewhere between the ages of 11 - 13 by the time you leave. that'd old enough so your parents don't have to quit their jobs or anything but young enough so that for all the years you are in college, they still have a kid living at home. plus, as an added bonus, it will get your more financial aid money!! i tried this on my parents. it didn't work. but there's always hope for somebody else!

the gorgeous weather here has gone away and now it's freezing rain out all the time. i've learned that a hooded wind breaker over a sweatshirt is much better than any winter coat in this kind of climate. now if only we could get some real snow up here...

well, it's time for FYE. we're learning about housing for next year. i don't mind the dorms at all, i love them. they're a lot better than other dorm's i've visited. but me and pam pam are thinking about trying for an on campus apartment next year. i'll let you know how that turns out.

rock out.