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2 Week Summer Vacation

Patricia Schiotis on Friday, 20 May 2011. Posted in Vacation / Break

As my third year came to an end, unlike everyone else, I just needed to pack a duffle and my laptop for my journey back home. Unlike other students, I will be living at RIT this summer and taking a full course load.   When I got home, everything I needed was here, and everything I forgot my twin sister will be bringing since she will actually be living at home all summer.

Usually on breaks and in the summer, I go back home to work at my local Hannaford supermarket.   Unfortunately, this break I did not put hours in at the market. At the end of the quarter, I knew I wanted to actually have some time off. I know by the end of the break, I will probably pick up at few shifts, but for now, it’s time to relax.

Bringing out my inner geek, I spent for first day of summer reading. After I made the 4 hour journey home to the 518, I relaxed in my bed at home, and began to reread the Harry Potter series. My goal is to reread all the books before the last part is released later in the summer. Yesterday, I started off with a bang, and read the entire first book in a day. I know I should be enjoying my 2 weeks by trying to enjoy the summer weather, but the skies have a different idea in mind. The rainy weather is not just occurring in Rochester, but at my house too. The forecast for the next 10 days shows mostly rain, but I’m hoping that the forecast is wrong so I can actually enjoy some summer weather before I hit the books again.