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20 Great Years

Jacob Sachs on Sunday, 06 May 2012. Posted in Alumni, Fraternity / Sorority Life, Student Life

Last weekend, my fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, came across a significant accomplishment in our local history.

Our chapter's 20th anniversary was marked by our annual Alumni Weekend, with close to 150 alumni traveling from near and far to spend the weekend here on campus.

During the weekend full of many different events, both undergraduate members like myself and alumni had chances to reflect on past memories, and spend valuable time with some of our closest friends that we have had in life, our fraternity brothers.

Alumni began to arrive on Thursday, and into Friday as well. Friday was marked by a fantastic event, an alumni panel and networking barbecue. During this event, ten of our distinguished and successful alumni had the opportunity to talk about their endeavors in life and how the fraternity has helped them with their success. This included answering a number of different questions prepared by the undergraduate members, ranging from how the fraternity has helped them to whether it is better to start at a smaller or larger company for a first job.

Another big part of that event was looking at an alumni mentoring program that we hope to start, having alumni be mentors for undergrads. This program can be very helpful in guiding college students like myself towards our future career paths. Following this, we had a BBQ that allowed time for us to network with different alumni as well.

During this event, I actually had the chance to sit down with an honored guest of the weekend, the National President of our fraternity. We had a great conversation about the fraternity, our chapter, and our lives. That 20-30 minutes that I was able to share with him and other brothers as well was probably one of the greatest conversations and opportunities I have had in college. I am pictured with him at our final banquet.

Later we spent more time getting to know alumni even better on an informal level, capped off by a Rochester famous late night Garbage Plate run to bring back their memories even more. Saturday we had a chapter meeting in the morning, followed by a pig roast and alumni vs. undergrads football game which got pretty intense.

After getting a chance to wind down for a couple hours, we concluded the main activity of the weekend with a final banquet dinner. During this event some of the highlights included hearing from Dr. Mary-Beth Cooper, Senior VP of Student Affairs at RIT, along with remembering the last 20 years that our chapter has had with multiple speakers, ceremonies, and a slideshow of memorable moments in the chapter's history.

The weekend was definitely one of the most memorable ones I will ever have at RIT. From the opportunities to get to know so many great individuals and brothers, to being able to reflect what being a part of my fraternity has done for me and can continue to do for me not only throughout the rest of my time at RIT, but also for the rest of my life.

I will never forget Alumni Weekend XX, and I am looking forward to the next 20 years of our chapter and beyond being just as memorable as the past 20.