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3am Hunger Struck down by Snow!

Richard Rockelmann on Sunday, 11 January 2009. Posted in Advising & Support, Residence Life, Student Life

Well, its 3 am sunday morning and i was working on facebook I MEAN HOMEWORK and I got hungry.  So i decided to go out to the McDonalds which is 1 mile down the road. Anyway, I  walked out of my dorm, took the elevator down to the first floor, walked outside and my shoe got covered in snow.  I proceeded to my car this is what i found.


The car that you saw in the beginning was indeed mine, which was covered in like 6 inches of snow( which is not out of the ordinary for rochester). You know, its amazing what a little snow can do to a lazy college kid, I all the sudden was not hungry due to the fact i did not want to dig out my car for the next half hour.  

However, the snow is not that bad, RIT is very good with plowing and taking care of snow ( just not at 3am.) which is quite acceptable.

I then took the walk of shame back to my dorm where i sit now, still hungry and now getting tired. 

Goodnight. :-)