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3D Printing on Campus

Shane O'Shea on Tuesday, 11 April 2017. Posted in Labs, Majors & Minors, Student Life

As a 3D Digital Design major, 3D printers can be a valuable asset here on campus. Luckily for my major and the lot of us here at RIT, there are loads of resources for getting your things 3D printed here on campus at a variety of locations on a variety of different types of printers!

On the fourth floor of Institute Hall is the RIT Construct. We like to call it the "maker space" as it’s a lab filled with all sorts of rapid prototyping machinery. Students have access to 3D Printers, laser-cutters, and CNC machines. There’s also spaces in the lab for students to work on their electronics, metal and woodworking as well as CAD designs on computers. Students who are proficient on these machines can even work there to help provide guidance and keep the place running smoothly! My favorite part is that all students (regardless of what major you are in) have access to up to 25g of filament per semester as well as access to some free materials such as scrap parts, solder and spray paint.

In the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, there are also tons of scattered 3D printers for students to access. I’ve even gone up last minute and used the Glass major’s makerbot 3D printer for extra credit on an assignment!

The Earl Brinkman Machine Tools and Manufacturing Laboratory, located in RIT’s Kate Gleason College of Engineering, is also a great state of the art facility. It’s filled with 3D printers and CNC machines there - more for the purpose of research and teaching of manufacturing, and students who use it are usually enrolled in specific classes.

From what I’ve heard from my friends over at Computer Science House, CSH also has a 3D printer that they use in their labs for certain projects.

There is also a 3D printer in the RIT Photo Store located in the middle of the quarter mile!

In addition to other 3D printing labs here on campus, there are also some majors who have a printer or two specifically for their major’s classes and work. To support all the use of these printers there are many tours, lectures and even classes on using these 3D printers offered here on campus depending on your major and relevant prerequisites.

Here’s an in-progress 3D print I worked on!

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