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3rd Annual Haunted Trail

Chad Rossi on Monday, 12 November 2012. Posted in Fraternity / Sorority Life, Student Life

Hey guys, 
So i posted my first video blog ever! Hope you enjoy it! The link should be on this page.

So a few weeks ago my fraternity, Sigma Chi, and the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority also known as D Phi E had our third annual haunted trail which takes place in the trails behind gracies. We usually have it the weekend before Halloween but this year it took place during the thursday and friday of brick city weekend. This is an event that we have been working on throughout the whole fall quarter.


The way each tour was worked this year is that every tour would have two girls from D Phi E on it that the rest of the tour would think were just regular people and then we would have stations like:


being chased by people in morph suits


a scene with an exorcism taking place


People dressed up as clowns and really creepy laughs


and when the tour got to the dentist scene, they would grab one of the d phi e girls and people would think that they were taking regular people from the tour. The following scene involved two other guys who were dressed in all black and masks and they would take the other d phi e girl out of the tour.


there were about a total of 10 scenes all together and the tour lasted about 7 or 8 min.


We made a little under two thousand dollars and the proceeds went to Children's miracle network.

it ended up being a great event and i hope to see you guys at our fourth annual!