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43 Places: Post Graduation Travel Plans

Alissa Anderson on Tuesday, 08 January 2013. Posted in Study Abroad

Let the countdown begin! It is officially 2013, which means graduation is right around the corner (knock on wood!). I was not able to fit study abroad into my RIT experience. However, I feel that my travel desires during the past five years were satisfied by my coop choices and experiences. During my 50 work weeks I spent time in New York, Vermont, California, and China.  With a few weeks between graduation and work, I hope to expand this list and add a few European locations to the list!

I have been researching potential locations and travel plans online - today I stumbled across the website “43 Places.”


43 Places is a travel site that allows users to record where they have traveled and build lists on places they want to go. The user community has the ability to comment on other users lists, give advice, and ask/answer questions.


I’m excited to register and start creating my travel wish list for this summer! My dream list at the moment includes (1) Norway, (2) Rome, (3) Germany, (4) Istanbul, and (5) Croatia... If you have suggestions please comment or tweet at me (@RIT_Alissa)!