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9 Things to Make Sure to Bring to College

Casey Bitzberger on Thursday, 01 April 2010. Posted in Residence Life, Student Life

  1. Flip Flops – Though the bathrooms in the residence halls are cleaned daily, I’ve heard horror stories from other college students of foot fungus and random unidentifiable things lurking in shower stalls. So, I made it a point to have blue flip-flops ready and waiting with my shower towel.


  1. Decorations – There is nothing better to cure boredom than decorating ones room. For boys it might be the typical hot girls in a scandalous outfit, but for the girls, but the end of your time in the dorms your rooms will be masterpieces of well placed art projects, pictures of friends, and artsy wall decals.


  1. Desk Lamp – The first couple of months at college, students figure out that they can do a lot on only a few hours of sleep. So staying up until 4 am hanging out with your friends when you have an 8am class isn’t so bad. When you have a project due, however, staying up until 4am is not fun, especially when your roommate is peacefully sleeping because she’s a responsible human being :) So, when you come to college be sure to bring a desk lamp that will not disturb your roommate while providing you with maximum amount of work light.


  1. Speakers – I am a Macbook Pro kind of girl, but my Macbook doesn’t reach the height of music blastation that I appreciate when I want to dance around my room. So, purchasing speakers and strategically placing them so that there was a maximum amount of noise in my room while barely a little in my neighbors rooms was a good choice on my part.


  1. Winter Coat, gloves, and scarf– For the love of God, you’re coming to upstate New York! We get snow here people. Make sure you come prepared because though initially it is utterly beautiful weather with trees and such, it can change oh so quickly. Luckily, snow fights are the standard during the winter seasons and your jacket will come in handy for protecting your body, your gloves will provide protection for your launching arm, and your scarf can be strategically placed around your head to protect from high flying snowballs and face plants in the snow.


  1. Cell Phone – This is an essential item, no so much for communication because Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail pretty much take care of that, but rather for alarm purposes. This will be the phone that will wake you every morning and cause you to hate the particular song you originally selected as it reminds you that sleeping in is a Weekend thing. I know many friend who set 3 phone alarms as well as their computer alarm and regular clock alarm just to make sure they don’t sleep through one.


  1. Forks and Spoons! – You will have access to a microwave and those midnight snacks can be mighty important on any given night, but if you don’t bring a fork you will not be able to find one anywhere on the planet (simply because you need it). On a side note, some students (including myself) used a fork as a doorstopper, so there’s a good use for it too!


  1. Stapler – One day this advice will save your life :)


  1. Your Favorite Thing – I asked my roommates now what they would have brought and the answers ranged form Lowell (mechanical Engineer) shouting out a bike! to Ariana (Industrial Design) saying something really cool and personal to Leif (Mechanical Engineer) saying underwear. In my opinion, bring an item that means something to you. I brought Bamboo because my favorite color was green and I love the outdoors :)