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a charlie brown christmas

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 12 December 2007. Posted in The Arts

oh the weather outside is frightful...doo doo doo doo doo doo...LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW

this weekend is gonna be sweet. on friday i have a christmas concert for RIT singers, saturday i am going to a dance (woo dress up!) and sunday i have ANOTHER christmas concert. LOVE IT. i'm also going to be doing more christmas shopping even though i am already broke. i already got presents for mom, dad, annmarie, and half of elena's gift. i still need to get the REST of her gift, ange's gift, and something for chloe. parkleigh, here i come!!

so over the weekend, i wrote a sweet entry about things to do to get in the christmas mood. unfortunately, the internet was being a big scrooge and decided to erase my entry. boo. no worries, i'll try and write it again tonight!!



1. movie night!!
why's this at the top of my list? well, i just had a movie night last night! after going to get wings, my friend and i decided to watch the polar express. what a great movie. i really really really want to see it in imax sometime. so have a movie night with a group of friends. if you can splurge a bit go see whatever is the holiday hit in theaters (currently fred claus, but i'd rather go see enchanted). another option is staying in and renting a movie or raiding your collection. some other favorites of mine - home alone 2 and a christmas story.

2. baking party!
what else can you do while watching these movies? bake. duh! baking is cheap, fun, and YUMMY!! besides, baking makes the house smell great. not much else to say about baking...except DON'T THESE LOOK AMAZING??

3. picture with santa.
so last weekend, ryan decides he wants to get an iphone. so me, him, and eric go to the mall to buy an iphone. now it's christmastime at the mall. what's that mean beside an insane amount of people? SANTA!! santa in upstate new york is a lot cheaper than santa in connecticut, so we got out picture taken with santa. things to note in the photo (besides the stupid look on eric's face): eric's ipod touch and ryan's iphone, santa has his arm around eric and only eric, santa is making a face.

4. christmas party!
the dress up christmas party is so 2006. even though i am probably going to one this year. and also to the society of software engineers ball with andrew. one christmas-themed party i really want to have is a christmas sweater party. you know...those ugly sweaters that great aunt sally thinks makes an amazing gift. usually bulkier than a parka and contains at least three of the following: an obscene amount of red, glitter/sequins, pom poms/cotton balls, ribbon, and santa. one thing elena, ange, and i have done for a few years is to dress up and take pictures in front of the christmas tree. one year we wore christmas pajamas, another christmas boxers, another school uniforms. that's not really a party...but it falls under dressing up!! something party related me and my "home friends" do is have a festivus party, as in the holiday created by seinfeld. it's a nice way to see everybody after being all college all fall. last year the kids from fiddler had a chrismahanakwanzaka party. and for this year, i've planned a mini high school reunion at a restaurant for right after the new year. we're classy.

more winter activities to follow in another entry...but i do have one last thing to share. music!!

manda's random list of music - december edition
#3 - christmas music!
* the nutcracker
* bright eyes - a christmas album
* mariah carey - all i want for christmas is you
* josh groban - o holy night
#2 - kanye west - graduation
* good life is starting to get some radio play - check it out
* homecoming features chris martin of coldplay
#1 - mika - life in cartoon motion
* i am currently in love with this cd
* relax, take it easy -- just jump around to this song!!
* any other world and happy ending slow it down
* grace kelly is a fun upbeat song
* and so are the rest of them so listen to this cd!!