a glance at my job...

Amanda Williams on Tuesday, 12 August 2008. Posted in Life After RIT

so what exactly do I do at work?  I’m not exactly quite sure yet myself, but let me give you a glimpse at my first big task.  I work for a software security company and I am apart of a special team that markets to the world’s security consultants.  Some of their and our clients are large companies such as Microsoft, Harley Davidson, bridges, government agencies, airports,  and large universities (including RIT) to name a few. 

Let’s say a college decides that they need a security system, they might hire a security consultant to tell them exactly what they need in the system to keep their people and assets safe.  This is where I come into play.  I market our security software to security consultants in hopes that they will tell their clients our software is the best.

Boring , boring, boring...  UNTIL you get to fly them all in and spend four days with them.  Right after I graduated from RIT, I started planning our annual consultant symposium, Paradigm. We flew in 50 of the top security consultants to tell them about our products.  I planned everything from the flights and hotel reservations to the promos and wine tour, yes wine tour.  The event was a lot of work, waking up at 5 am and not getting home until 1 or 2 am, but it was defiantly worth it.  I meet tons of cool people from all different backgrounds! Here are some pictures...