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Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 06 February 2008. Posted in Dining

desperate times call for desperate measures. i assure you, at some point in your college career, you will be in the labs until some ungodly hour. you will get hungry. and there will be nothing to eat except...dun dun dun...vending machine food.

ahhh the vending machines. in high school, vending machines were awesome. vending machines meant getting a snickers in between classes and not paying fifteen extra cents for your m&ms to support the girl's swim team. vending machines were simple. soda, bottled water, gatorade, chips, candy bars. not enough to make a full mean, but enough to tide you over in case your mom was running late picking you up from soccer practice.

college vending machines have a much larger selection of options. there's one with candy and another with chips and another wil all sorts of microwaveable/refridgerated goodies (that i lovingly call the food vending machine). it's cool for about five seconds and then you realize how truly repulsive some of the stuff is in there.

we think theres some sort of study going on in building seven. they know that us art students are there at all hours of the day and will eat vending machine food in order to survive. even the microwaveable sandwiches. i mean, okay, the pizza is amazing. and then they put in chicken sandwiches. they're alright. if you're real hungry. at the beginning of the year, i spied hot dogs in the vending machine. more specifically, chili cheese dogs. uhhh...vomit??

this brings me to the most recent introduction in building seven's food vending machine: fish sandwiches. now i'm pretty sure fish is one of those foods you're supposed to be picky with. like, i only order fish from certain restaurants or cook it myself. mcdonald's doesn't even meet my criteria. i think i might eat fish from a street vendor before a vending machine. so yeah...i think they are trying to see just how far we will go.

in other news...

so last night i went to wing night with some of the OT2C cast. i love love love seeing them even though the show is over. the college of liberal arts is having two short plays this spring and we're contemplating auditioning as a group. also, this weekend is the snowball dance so we want to go to that together but i don't know if it's happening because there's a hockey game that night and some of my frineds might be heading home.

i'm really excited for tomorrow!! my old roommate from high school is auditioning at eastman school of music so she's gonna be in rochester this weekend. also, there's a jack's mannequin concer this weekend. this is gonna be a busy weekend...