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A Little Ukulele Concert

Carl Domingo on Monday, 14 April 2014.

So, it’s been just about a year and a half since a few of my friends and I started a little organization called the Ukulele Club. We’ve come a very long way since then. Originally, we had nine people, just enough to start a club. Nowadays, we have around twenty show up at meetings to come hang out and jam with us. It’s been a pretty wild ride. We might as well be ukulele rockstars!


On April 5, we reached a milestone in club history. We hosted our own concert in the Golisano auditorium with around eighty people in attendance. With a little help from our amazing sponsors at Bernunzio’s (the GREATEST stringed instrument shop on the East Coast), we were able to get an awesome ukulele artist and teacher to perform with us, Stu Fuchs.

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In addition to all this excitement, people had the opportunity to browse a small portion of Bernunzio’s instruments and products, along with some of Stu’s own albums. We even got to raffle off one of our coveted Ukulele Club shirts and a ukulele starter pack to a lucky audience member.

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Overall, the concert was a massive success! We practice our various songs and sets weeks in advance, and it was really great getting a chance to show everyone that we prepared. Fall Out Boy’s “Young Volcanoes,” twenty one pilots’ “House of Gold,” and club favorite “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson were various songs that were prepared for the event. One of our members even shredded his own solo of Jake Shimabukuro’s “Blue Roses Falling,” which he absolutely destroyed (my face actually melted).

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As for the star of the show, Stu is an amazing player and entertainer. An fantastic artist in his own right, he played a rendition of his Beatles medley, with some more of his own original work, and even became his own one man African music band at one point. If you’ve never heard a didgeridoo live, it is the coolest sensation to experience. 10/10 Would totally see again.

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In the coming weeks, we’ll have more sets to play at SpringFest and ImagineRIT, so if you find yourself on campus, come check us out and watch us destroy our ukuleles (but not literally). If you own a ukulele, you should find your way into one of our club meetings and jam. If you don’t, then you should go buy one (or come to a meeting and borrow one) and come to the meetings, because ukuleles are the greatest instrument ever! #uke4Life

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