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A most productive weekend

Sarah Alef on Monday, 28 July 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

On Saturday we headed out for another snorkel on the far side of Long Cay, an island close to S. Caicos.  We were all excited because the area is a common one for sighting nurse sharks.  Our fish ID exam is today, and everyone is still a little nervous for it.  There are so many fish to learn! On our snorkel though, we saw a lot more than just fish.  As we were snorkeling, I happened to look down and saw a Hawksbill Turtle just resting among the reeds! I informed our leader, who does research with turtles, and he attempted to grab it for measuring, but it swam away too quickly.  Almost immediately after we saw the turtle, a HUGE nurse shark appeared off in the distance.  It was at least 5-6 + feet in size, definitely the biggest shark I've seen so far.  As the shark slowly swam away, I was positive that this was the best snorkel yet when we saw 4 spotted eagle rays in the next 5 minutes.  The first two were big, and swam a large circle around us before continuing onwards.  Unfortunately, I don't have an underwater case for my digital camera, so I'm relying on some other folks to give me their digital pictures.  I have lots of pictures of the turtle and the shark, but they're all the old fashioned "you need to develop these" kind.  A little patience, and I should have pictures up by the end of the week.


After our snorkel, we all got dressed up (I got to take my first fresh water shower in two weeks, which was probably the best thing in the world) and went out to a local bar called Trenchtown, and then over to a karaoke bar.  I'd never been to an actually karaoke bar, and the results were hilarious.  We stayed there for the rest of the evening, daring each other to sing really bad songs and surprising each other when we weren't too bad at doing so.  


Sunday was an uneventful day of lounging around.  After dinner, we headed to Cynthia's place, where I tried crab/conch soup for the first time and we sat around and hung out.  If you ever travel anywhere foreign, I highly recommend eating the local food; I just don't advise asking what's in it.  More often than not, you wish you hadn't asked!