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A Survey of Random Questions

Sarah Alef on Wednesday, 08 April 2009. Posted in Residence Life, Student Life

I was helping out with Accepted Student Chat on Tuesday night, and we got a bunch of questions. (Surprise surprise, I know.)  I think most of them have been answered at one point or another, but I thought I would highlight a few here (I was sitting in the housing room, so these questions reflect that).  I'm also stealing Emily's idea of "things I don't like at RIT", because that's a question I get asked a LOT.  

May I request a specific dorm?
As far as I know, other than special interest housing, NO.  You cannot request to be in a specific building unless you're requesting due to medical reasons, etc.  For example, there was no way I could live in a non-air conditioned building, because I'm allergic to all things green, and thus could not open windows in the spring or fall.  All buildings have good things and bad things, there is no "Best" building to be placed in.  I lived in Ellingson Hall for 8 quarters, and there were things that were obnoxious and there were good things.

May I request to live with someone I know from home?
Yes.  I don't necessarily encourage this, because it seems like people who know each other prior to RIT and choose to live together wind up hating each other after approximately 3 months, but yes, you can.  Just make sure you both request each other.  Happy Living :-)

I want to live with my boyfriend/girlfriend.  Can I do that?
Now this is slightly more complicated.  In the dorms - No.  In the apartments, yes.  Yes, people do have their significant others visit them in the dorms sometimes, but I wouldn't recommend doing that too often, because you could really irritate your roommate.  So, like most things in life - If you want to actually share a room with your significant other, you need to wait till you're another year older.

What don't you like about RIT?
Sometimes I swear this is every parent's favorite question.  (It's okay, I really don't mind.)  To be straight with you, there are two things that drive me absolutely bonkers here.  
1) Smoking on campus.  I swear there's a NYS law that says something about no smoking within 25 feet of a entrance to a public building, but I can't seem to find any evidence of enforcement of this policy here.  We're a private institution, so we get to escape some of those repercussions, but for those of us with asthma or other breathing difficulties, walking to class can sometimes lead to coughing and glaring in certain people's general directions.  Stop smoking on the quarter mile!!! >.<
2) Holiday Scheduling.  I'm from Chicago (okay, west of Chicago.  Way west).  We have wind like Rochester (and not just the weather kind.  Will someone please mute Rod Blagojevich?  The people of IL should just elect governors who are already in jail...then we wouldn't have to transport them there.)  Anyway, I digress.  But Chicago is a long way from here, and I miss my family dearly.  I go home three times a year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  Thanksgiving is great, Christmas is short, and we don't even get Easter off here.  Unless it coincides with our spring break, which I think happens once every 15 years or so.  Every year I wind up missing class so I can celebrate Good Friday with my family.  Every year I watch the Jewish kids miss class during Yom Kippur, and the Muslim kids hurry to break Ramadan fast in between classes.  It'd be really nice if RIT recognized religious holidays.  Supposedly there's talk of our academic schedule changing, and if that happens, who knows? Maybe we'll get the occasional 3 day weekend here and there.

Other than the above caveats, I really do like it here.  I'm graduating in 5 weeks (yes, I'm still job hunting), and while it doesn't feel like I'm going to miss being in college, I know I'm going to miss the people here.  Anyways, to those of you in the throngs of your second semester senior year (sss), enjoy your time while it lasts.  When it's over, you can start looking forward to coming here, and maybe working for Admissions! (They feed us lots, so I recommend)