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A Typical Week for Me

Danielle Nutter on Wednesday, 14 April 2010. Posted in Advising & Support, Student Life

            I want to start off this blog with a recap of what my week was like last week, haha I figure that everyone would like to see a day in the life of a college student. Well truthfully my week was not so normal. Usually I’m fairly good at keeping up with my work and allowing time for relaxation and to have fun, but no matter what I did last week it I couldn’t do it. Maybe it was the nice weather, or the fact that summer is coming so fast but I could not focus. One of the big things about college is that you make your own schedule, and that can only help you or just mess up everything.

            So last week on Thursday WE@RIT was hosting its retreat program and I was signed up to host some girls to stay in my room overnight and get to know RIT and its engineering program. I knew I was doing this for about two to three weeks before and I was really excited because I participated in the program as a high school senior. So before I even knew it, was the Monday before the program and I had a lot of work due at the end of the week. My plan was to get it all done before the girls came so I had a lot of free time to show them around and make sure they have fun. Unfortunately for some reason I just couldn’t focus on my work, I kept getting distracted and got nothing done.  So I spent Wednesday night trying to finish all the work that I didn’t get done earlier in the week. It was probably the worse night of my life, but I got everything done. But I have to say, I WILL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN! Before we all left for college my friends kept complaining how there is going to be so much work and late nights, but I don’t think its true of you use your time wisely. I may be speaking too soon, being only my first year, but I believe that it can only help you to be on top of things.

So lesson number 1: Keep up on your work and you can avoid stress and lack of sleep.

            So last week was not that normal for me but I do want to give you a sense of what my normal weeks look like. Usually every morning before class I stop at the SAU and grab breakfast on my way to class. On Monday I have Chemistry at 8am (to 9am), Calculus at 10am (to 12pm) and Physics at 2pm (to 4pm). If I have less than a two hour break I usually find a couch in the building to sit and listen to music or even study before my next class. If I have a two hour break I usually just make the walk across the quarter mile and come back to my room and try to get homework done. Tuesdays are my busiest days because I have Chemistry at 8am, then Chemistry lab at 9am (to 12pm). Then I have to go straight to my deep water challenge class at 12 (to1pm), and then I have Chemical Engineering Insights from 2-4pm. So I usually stay on the academic side of campus. On Wednesdays I have Calc from 10-12pm, and physics 2-4pm. On Thursdays I have Chemistry 8-9am, Deep Water Challenge 12-1pm, and physics 2-4pm. And on Fridays I have Calc 10-12pm and physics 2-4pm. I usually find time around noon to get lunch somewhere on campus, and I get most of my homework done in the afternoon. My schedule is pretty busy, but the nice part is that I made it that way. So if I really wanted to I could have planed it out differently. I don’t mind this schedule that much because I like to stay busy and it allows for me to be done with classes by 4pm everyday. I have taken classes later in the evening and it just feels like my day never ends.  Being able to make your own schedule is one of the nice things about college, my plan for next quarter is to not have any 8am classes and be able to sleep in a bit more haha