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About Becky Drexler

Becky Drexler on Thursday, 02 October 2014. Posted in Student Life

Hi! My name is Becky Drexler. I am a second year here at RIT. This fall I made the switch from Civil Engineering Technology to New Media Design (so similar, right? ). I am from Avon, New York, which is a small town just south of Rochester. I am always looking for different ways to get involved on or around campus. During the past year, I have played intramural soccer, flag football, broomball and just joined an extreme bubble ball team (it’s soccer while wearing a bubble). I also went to No Voice Zone, which is a weekly event to help students learn ASL and improve their ASL skills.

Why RIT? For me, the main selling point of RIT was the academic diversity. Ever since high school I had been torn between engineering and art. I loved math and physics, but couldn’t see myself giving up art completely. RIT was one of the few colleges I looked at that actually had impressive programs in both. Most of the other schools seemed to focus on one or the other – except for RIT. As I mentioned, I tried engineering for a year and did end up switching. I had never even heard of New Media Design until my second semester here., and thought it sounded amazing. In this major, students cover a variety of topics and mediums to build a wide range of skills from graphic design, website development, and so much more. It sounded like the perfect mix of art and tech.

I went to a private high school in the city of Rochester, so I have the unique circumstance of actually living closer to my college than I did to my high school. I was a little unsure if I was too close to home. Part of me really wanted to have more of an adventure and go far away, but I could not be happier at RIT. I chose to live on campus and have absolutely loved it. Living on campus allows me to be more involved and go to those random late-night events in a moment’s notice. I have gone to A Cappella shows, Improve shows, a battle of the bands competition, 90s trivia night, a collegiate dance-off competition, campus wide capture the flag games, sports games, and many other campus activities.

RIT definitely feels like the right fit for me. There is so much to do and so many opportunities on campus. I am 100% happy with my decision to come here.

P.S. My favorite food on campus? Salsarita’s create your own pizza – so good.