Accepted? Anxiously Waiting? Still Deciding?

Christina Brooks on Monday, 13 December 2010. Posted in Advising & Support, Student Life

For all of you Early Decision applicants who are accepted- Congrats! It must be a relief already knowing where you’re going next year and now you’re able to throw all of that extra stress out the window. For those of you Early Decision and Regular decision applicants who have yet to hear back from admissions (you regular decision folks will have to wait a bit longer than the early decision folks) - Good Luck! Try to to stress too much and just keep up all of the hard work- because despite what we all hope, your grades are still important in your senior year.

For those of you who are accepted, waiting for that acceptance letter, or still even thinking about applying, RIT has so many ways you can be connected to the school right from home!

RIT Undergraduate Admissions’ Facebook page is a great way to be connected to the school! There’s tons of photos, videos, news, and information about the school all at one spot! Another great thing about the Facebook page is that if you have any questions about anything, just post it on the wall and you’ll get a quick response. It’s also a great way to talk with current students, staff, and alumni about the school.

RIT Accepted Students-2011 Facebook group is my favorite way to be connected to the school. After I got accepted to RIT last year, joining this group was the first thing I did. You can ask questions about anything on there and get a response from current students and staff. It’s also an awesome way to meet other accepted students, people in your major, and even finding a roommate! If you have a Facebook and are accepted, I strongly suggest joining this group- you won’t regret it!

Following RITAdmissions on Twitter gives fun tweets about RIT, admissions, and other information relating to the school! Also, follow current students, including myself, for an inside look of RIT from current student’s perspectives. Here's a list of some RIT student twitter-ers.

And last but not least, the RIT Undergraduate Admission’s web page ! It’s always up-to-date with the latest information and tells you step by step what you should do after you’re accepted. There’s also tons of information about RIT all on this web page, including current news!

Again, either congrats or good luck! Hope to see you all at RIT! =)