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after the first paragraph, this entry is dripping with sarcasm

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 06 June 2007. Posted in Student Life

am i the only one writing here?? i see kahle's post and then face. everywhere. now for the sarcasm.

dear unnamed nation bank chain that i happen to use for all my banking needs,

i just had the most wonderful conversation with your overly friendly and intelligent  customer service!! i was greeted by a recorded voice who greeted me and told me to press one for checking and two for something else and three for branch locations, etc. the recorded voice told me that  in order to  speak to a teller, i had to press *0. i did and to my surprise, i was greeted by another friendly recorded voice, repeating the menu items, however you customer service people know how to keep me on my toes! this time it was in SPANISH. and it was a repeat of what i had just heard. seven years of spanish was just enough to understand that *0 does NOT get you to a real live human being.

frustrated, i hung up and called back. i just went with the menu to attempt and solve my problem. i came across another recorded voice asking me to enter my account number. well, see, that was my problem. i didn't know my account number because i never got my card because the geniuses you have working at your banks got my address wrong. normally i wouldn't be so hard on somebody for simply getting an address wrong, but on different parts of the customer service website, it had the correct street, correct town, wrong zip code. the address that my card was to be mailed to had the correct street, wrong town, wrong zip code, but same wrong zip code as before. none of these are the address i originally entered, seeing as i changed my address over the phone last month. 

after navigating these recorded menus a bit more in search of a real person, i finally came to one! and she actually WAS friendly and nice and helpful, until we got to the part where she couldn't help me any more and had to transfer me. i think she could have helped me more than the genius she transferred me to. genius started with asking for my account number. i slammed my head against the table. i think your customer service team needs to work on their communication skills. 

one thing i'd like to commend real person #2 on was her measures of making sure i was really me. instead of asking for the answer of my "secret question" she decided to ask me questions about what my LICENSE says about me. because, you know, if somebody stole my wallet and was trying to get my credit card information, they wouldn't have my license. she also made it a multiple choice test. there is a common rumor that c is the most likely answer on a multiple choice test. einstein over here didn't even make it that hard. the answer was always the first thing she said. 

finally, after telling my story of "your tellers are morons, my address is wrong" three seperate times to her (she kept asking why i didn't have my card) she decided that my address needed to be changed. duh. and also! she had a BRILLIANT hypothesis about why i didn't recieve my card! "i think your card may have been mailed to the wrong address." HELLO!! THAT'S WHY I'M CALLING YOU (if this wasn't a blog for like you know RIT, more offensive words would go here) STUPID COW!!!!!!

after this revelation, we said our goodbyes and i went back to repeatedly banging my head against the nearest hard surface. if i could afford the legal fees, i would sue you for wasting precious minutes of my life. 

yours truly,
a disgruntled customer