All About Meal Plans

Ricky B. on Thursday, 17 April 2014. Posted in Dining

A lot of questions I hear from accepted students are about meal plans. Do I need one? How do they work? Which is the best one? Before I address the questions, I'll start off my response by saying that Dining Services has a great FAQ section posted on its website that serves as a supplement to the information provided at for first year students.

Meal plans are required for first year students living in the Residence Halls. Upon signing an RIT housing contract, a student’s dining account is opened and the account holder is immediately responsible for all meals/debit used and posted against his/her account. One nice benefit to using a meal plan is that there is an exemption to the 8% sales tax when buying food items. As a freshman, I picked the Any 10 Plus plan which would give you 10 meals each week at Gracie's and up to 5 meals per week at any other dining location (excluding Nathan’s Soup & Salad and Java’s). The plan would also give you $650 in food debit for the semester. I recommend checking out the plans using the link above and selecting the one that is best for you. Some students will fall in love with the unlimited food at Gracie's while others will want more variety. I will say that in my experience, RIT has some of the best food of college campuses I've been to and there are also a lot of healthy options available. Check out a map of Dining Locations on campus.